Board Members

Sarah MacDermott

Sarah qualified as a Speech Language Pathologist at W.A.I.T. (now Curtin University) and then worked in a range of roles within Disability Services Commission. She then lived and worked in Los Angeles California and completed an MA in Education. Over the course of her career Sarah has worked in a variety of roles in home, clinic, centre based and school settings and increasingly specialised in working with individuals on the Autism Spectrum. Sarah is Hanan Certified, is an SAS (Secret Agent Society) social skills program facilitator, and a Certified Special Needs Quality Life Coach.

Sarah is also the proud mother of twin daughters who are now young adults and who are both on the Autism Spectrum (this was included with their permission).

Sarah has been a long-time WAADF Board member and was the founding Chairperson of WAADF when it became incorporated in 2004.

Christine Bosch
(Co-Vice Chair)

Christine Bosch qualified as a Speech Pathologist and Audiologist in South Africa in 1996 and has 26 years clinical experience including speech sound disorders, childhood apraxia of speech, language disorders, auditory perceptual disorders, autism. She worked in schools and private practice in Johannesburg and was involved in training pre-primary teachers of the private schools in Johannesburg in speech, language and auditory perceptual development. She was the Chairperson of the Speech-Language Hearing Association Private Practitioners’ Group from 2004 until 2010 when she immigrated to Australia with her husband. Christine then completed her training as an ASD diagnostic assessor and joined WAADF.

Christine worked at Therapy Focus and was awarded the Leadership Award in 2017 for her work in setting up and co-ordinating the Autism Diagnostic Portfolio and assessment service at Therapy Focus.

Christine is the founder of Ocean West Autism Diagnostic and Speech Pathology Services. Christine loves working with and advocating for autistic people and their families. She is also passionate about upskilling clinicians in providing intervention autistic individuals.

Nikki Campbell
(Co-Vice Chair)

Nikki is a practicing member of Speech Pathology Australia with over 20 years of clinical experience in speech and language therapy, mainly in the provision of services to paediatric clients.

After qualifying as a Speech and Language Pathologist and Audiologist in 1999 and completing her Master of Science in Speech Pathology in 2003, Nikki went on to work in New York City (USA), London (UK), and Cape Town (South Africa). In 2015 she moved with her family to Perth. Nikki has a special interest in autism diagnostics and is passionate about working with autistic clients. She currently runs her own practice, Speech Connections Therapy & Autism Diagnostics.

Julie May

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Emina Cholich

Emina Cholich is a Clinical Psychologist with extensive experience working with neurodivergent people and their families. She has worked across various community and hospital settings with children and adults, and currently works in the private system. Her interventions are person-centred, collaborative, incorporate family and consider functional capacity across all systems the individual engages with.

She has a particular interest in Autism diagnostic assessment. She is committed to providing an evidence-based, neurodiverse-affirming, and collaborative assessment process which focuses on the individual learning more about themselves, and integrating their diagnosis as a unique and positive aspect of their identity. As well as learning to manage the challenges that come along with it.

She has completed research in the area of Autism Diagnostic assessment gold standard processes, and received a National Prize from the APS for her research and clinical work throughout her Clinical Psychology Training at University.

Emina has travelled abroad and done outreach work in Indonesia and Lithuania. In Lithuania part of her role was to work with the education department and provide training to their teaching staff in practical ways to support autistic and other neurodivergent children to safely and successfully engage in mainstream classrooms.

Scott Sadler
(Web Manager)

Scott has worked on the WAADF website since late 2012 and currently works at Spectrum Space (formerly Autism West) since July 2013, managing all IT related matters such as the website, social media, newsletters and membership. He also assists with event management and administration duties.

Scott grew up with autism and previously worked almost 10 years in a library. He has studied his Certificate 3 and 4 in IT, and enjoys snooker, reading, movies and supports the West Coast Eagles.

In 2017 Scott was a semi-finalist for the Western Australian Young Achiever Awards in the Community Service and Volunteering Award category.

After 10 long years with WAADF, Scott is stepping down from his role, though he is continuing to support WAADF until a replacement can be found.

Jodie McMorrow
(Membership Officer)

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Diane Kounis
(Ordinary Member)

Diane has been involved in education over 30 plus years in early childhood, primary and high school contexts and joined WAADF in 2019.

She holds degrees from W.A.I.T (Curtin) and ECU.

As a Consultant her role is to support schools in managing inclusion and assuring the adjustments for students with disabilities are made so that curriculum access is equitable.

Working with students with disabilities and their families has allowed her to experience and advise on pathways for families to consider in their child’s education and transition into adult life.

Brodie Cooper
(Ordinary Member)

With a profound commitment to advancing the understanding and support of neurodiversity, Brodie Cooper brings over a decade of experience in psychological practice and in the fourth year of their private practice dedicated to working with Autistic and ADHD adults to the WA Autistic Diagnostic Forum. Holding a Master of Applied Psychology (Clinical) from Murdoch University, Brodie integrates their knowledge and training from working with acute mental health, trauma-informed practice, and vocational areas to provide psychological support for newly diagnosed Autistic and ADHD adults.

In their practice, Brodie upholds the principles of neurodiversity-affirming practices, recognising the intrinsic value of different ways of thinking, learning, and being. They are deeply invested in promoting environments where Autistic and ADHD individuals can thrive, emphasising respect, dignity, and the celebration of individual differences.

As a board member of WAADF, Brodie is committed to driving initiatives that enhance the well-being and capabilities of neurodiverse individuals, aligning with their belief in supporting meaningful participation and self-determination. Their approach is informed by ethical mandates that prioritise person-centred care and the amplification of autistic voices in shaping the services and support they receive.

Brodie advocates continuous learning and collaboration, drawing upon the latest research and engaging with the neurodiverse community to ensure that their contributions to the forum are impactful, relevant, and grounded in respect for each person’s unique experiences and aspirations.

Robyn Weinstein
(Ordinary Member)

Robyn Weinstein qualified as a Speech Pathologist and Audiologist at the University of Witwatersrand in South Africa and in addition has a Diploma in Remedial Education.

Robyn has worked for over 30 years in the areas of the diagnosis and management of Autism Spectrum Disorders, Social Skill Difficulties, Speech (including Dyspraxia), Language & Literacy Development & Difficulties, Auditory Processing Disorders, Neuro-rehabilitation (including Traumatic Brain Injuries), and Rehabilitation of children with Hearing Losses.

Ongoing education and attendance of various conferences, lectures, workshops and courses on current research and treatment methods is a priority for Robyn.

Robyn is committed and passionate about working as part of a team, with families and most importantly the individual.

Karen Lee Seymour
(Ordinary Member)

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Trish Kennedy
(Ordinary Member)

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