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First name Last name Profession  Providing Assessments For Wait Times                                                       Provides Assessments At Address                                                       Telephone Email Website
Saffira Hamilton speech_pathologist preschool,primary,secondary June 2023 - Immediate availability Joint Speech Path & Clinical Psychology assessments available clinic,home_visit,telehealth Unit 1, 41 Kishorn Road Applecross, 6153 Joint Speech Path & Clinical Psychology assessments available 451856079
Alicia Ho speech_pathologist preschool,primary clinic 40 Coomoora Road, Ardross WA 6153 415862494
Anthea Gardner speech_pathologist preschool,primary,secondary three to four weeks clinic,home_visit 6A 250 Oxford St Leederville 411204848
Simone Dempster speech_pathologist preschool,primary,secondary 2023 - 3 months clinic,home_visit,telehealth Sundew Speech 2 Montrose Ave, Darlington, 6070 0408916799
Sabrina de Beer speech_pathologist preschool,primary,secondary I can usually see people within 2 weeks of referral home_visit,telehealth,rural My work address is PO Box 3587 East Perth WA 6892 I prefer to see clients in their own environment, including home, childcare or school) 0414739565
Inge Gaudin speech_pathologist preschool,primary,secondary 1-3 months depending on availability of parents and whether they could attend school hour appointments on Tuesdays or Fridays. Dated: 19 Oct 2022 clinic,home_visit,telehealth Viva speech pathology 94 Reid Promenade Joondalup WA 6027 93014128
Katiane Martinez speech_pathologist preschool,primary,secondary January 2024 clinic,home_visit,telehealth 8 Gibney St, Cottesloe WA 6011 95375320
Cara Crage speech_pathologist primary,secondary 4 weeks as of October 2023 clinic Cara Crage Speech Pathology Ground Floor, 502 Hay Street Subiaco 0439633115
Sonya Coffey speech_pathologist preschool,primary,secondary 4-6 weeks Updated January 2024 clinic,telehealth Finding Our Voice 255 Walcott Street North Perth 0448887197
Su Ann Lim speech_pathologist preschool,primary 3 months clinic,telehealth 215 Stubbs Terrace, Shenton park 6008
Emily Turner speech_pathologist preschool,primary,secondary Accepting new clients - December 2023 clinic Therapy Focus 1140 Albany Highway Bentley WA 6102 0436485893
Jasmine Holmes speech_pathologist preschool,primary,secondary Approximately 4 weeks (2022) home_visit,telehealth Providing assessments in the home or school environment, as relevant. Servicing Perth Metro area. 0438849488
Nikki Campbell speech_pathologist preschool,primary,secondary clinic,home_visit,telehealth Mobile 0429091609
Jaimi-Lee Jefferies speech_pathologist preschool,primary,secondary clinic,home_visit,telehealth 1&3/62 Coolbellup Avenue Coolbellup 893315436
Christine Bosch speech_pathologist preschool,primary,secondary 6 months as of June 2023 home_visit,telehealth Ocean West Autism Diagnostic and Speech Pathology Services, Ocean Reef. Joint Psychology and Speech Pathology assessments available. Mobile service. 0405081244
Asha Bodycoat speech_pathologist preschool,primary clinic,home_visit 20 The Lane, Churchlands 6018 0438357172
Jessica Boam speech_pathologist preschool,primary 6 months clinic,home_visit,telehealth,rural Smart Talk Pty Ltd 4/74 Delamere ave Currambine 864042849
Lynda Becker speech_pathologist preschool,primary,secondary 2-3 months clinic,telehealth Suite 7, Level 1 ,109 Grand Boulevard Joondalup 6027 0418418953
Annika Ballantyne speech_pathologist preschool,primary,secondary 3 months as of June 2022 clinic,home_visit 15/2 Kulin Way, Mandurah WA 0430388001
Jacinta Law speech_pathologist preschool,primary,secondary 2 Months (Nov 2022) home_visit,telehealth 1/28 Fletcher St Applecross WA 6153 0422894617
Emma Miller psychologist preschool,primary clinic,home_visit,telehealth Autism Assessments Perth - Duncraig 0406206045
Jodie McMorrow psychologist preschool,primary,secondary Approximately four weeks as of July 2023 home_visit,telehealth Western Hills Psychology Perth, Western Australia
Suzanne Midford psychologist preschool,primary,secondary,adult 8-16 weeks in June 2023 clinic,home_visit,telehealth 481 Fitzgerald Street, North Perth, WA, 6006 0894433709
Dionne Pole psychologist preschool,primary,secondary,adult 1-2 months (March 2022) clinic,home_visit,telehealth Unit 26 60 Royal Street East Perth WA 6004 0430233238
Larni Mullan psychologist preschool,primary,secondary 1 month clinic,home_visit,telehealth Leederville 0438619384
Holly Nelson psychologist primary,secondary,adult Approximately 2-3 month wait-time clinic,telehealth Suite 4, Level 4, 15 Ogilvie Road, Mount Pleasant WA 6153 894560411
Mimma Nikoloski psychologist preschool,primary,secondary,adult clinic The Acumen Centre, U1 / 48 Kishorn Road, APPLECROSS WA 6153. 0411464064
Clinton Knott psychologist preschool,primary,secondary 2-4 weeks as of August 2023 clinic,telehealth Knott Psychology, Located in 5/365 High Road Parkwood
Brooke Purslowe psychologist preschool,primary,secondary 4 weeks as of 1st August 2023 clinic Unit 6 250 Oxford Street, Leederville WA 6007 0422422664
Karen Seymour psychologist preschool,primary,secondary,adult Adults: October 2023 Adolescents (14 years +): October 2023 Children: February 2024 (Combined speech pathology and psychology) clinic Psychological & Counselling & Autism Diangosis Karen Lee Seymour 20 The Lane Churchlands 6018 0431981715
Gail Simcock psychologist preschool,primary,secondary,adult clinic,home_visit 0409637779
Jody Sims psychologist preschool,primary,secondary 6 weeks updated 14/3/2024 clinic,home_visit,rural 29 Hartung St Mundaring, Wa Happy to travel to rural areas. 0401379919
Philippa Turvey psychologist preschool,primary,secondary,adult clinic,telehealth Connective Clinical Psychology 14 Walker Avenue, West Perth WA 6005 0457401888
Naomi Ward psychologist preschool,primary,secondary clinic,home_visit,telehealth Child Wellbeing Centre, 61 Morrison Road, Midland, WA 6056 0892747062
Leanne Watson psychologist primary,secondary,adult Within 2 months (as at October 2022) clinic Suite 5/95 Monash Avenue, Nedlands WA 6009 or 2/104 Swan Street, Guildford WA 6056 61401730
Shane Langsford psychologist preschool,primary,secondary,adult Wait time is 3-4 weeks as at March 2024 clinic Suite 9/336 Churchill Avenue, Subiaco WA, Australia 0893888044
Safiyyah Abdul Aziz psychologist preschool,primary 2-3 months as from November 2023 clinic,home_visit,telehealth Dr. Safiyyah Abdul Aziz Clinical Psychologist Qaswa House 123, Wharf Street, Cannington 6107 WA 0410287025
Miriam Kirby psychologist adult clinic,telehealth The Kidd Clinic 6 Norfolk St Fremantle WA 6106 0862377940
Theresa Kidd psychologist preschool,primary,secondary,adult From June 2023 we have immediate availability for 10-17 year olds for Autism Diagnostic Assessments, 4-6 months for 2-9 years old, and 6-12 months for adults at The Kidd Clinic (North Perth and Fremantle). clinic 526 Fitzgerald Street, North Perth WA 6006 6 Norfolk Street, Fremantle WA 6106 862377940
Katie Astley psychologist preschool,primary,secondary,adult Unavailable until April/May 2024
Jane Carmignani psychologist preschool,primary approximately 2-3 months. (February 2024) clinic,telehealth Village Psychology Sorrento 0865581835
Angela Carroll psychologist primary,secondary,adult 4-6 months as of April 2024 clinic,telehealth Suite 3, 10 McCourt Street West Leederville WA 6007 0466123930
Rochelle Castine-Weber psychologist preschool,primary,secondary,adult 94433709
Emina Cholich psychologist primary,secondary,adult April 2023 clinic,home_visit,telehealth 56 Ley Street, Como 0424447485
Jordan Dalton psychologist preschool,primary,secondary,adult 3-4 week waitlist. clinic 20 Keates Road, Armadale 0448551037
Tania Dawson psychologist preschool,primary,secondary,adult 4 months (updated December 2023) clinic,home_visit,telehealth Tania Dawson Psychology 1/13 La Luna 114 Cedric Street, Stirling 6021
Sandra Day psychologist preschool,primary,secondary Current triage & intake are occurring. clinic Millstream Psychology Unit 2, 16 Moreau Mews Applecross WA 6153 0894684920
natacha desille psychologist adult 3-4 weeks or 6-8 weeks to receive full diagnostic report telehealth PO BOX 215 Katoomba NSW 0476178115
Monique du Preez psychologist preschool,primary,secondary home_visit,telehealth 0480557439
Katrina Farrant psychologist preschool,primary,secondary Feb 2024 - 4-8 weeks - please phone or email admin for further information and assistance clinic,home_visit,telehealth 26 Parry Avenue Bateman 93136566
Natalie Frost psychologist preschool,primary,secondary Multidisciplinary assessments (Clinical Neuropsychologist and Speech Pathologist) available from 1/05/2024. clinic,rural Suite 6/ 17 Ogilvie Street, Mount Pleasant, WA 6153 0415892227
Kelly Fullarton psychologist primary,secondary,adult 3 months clinic,rural Lawson Clinical Psychology 6 Outram Street East Perth WA 0861434499
Vanessa Green psychologist preschool,primary,secondary Please contact for waitlist times home_visit,telehealth I am a Clinical Psychologist who provides comprehensive ASD assessments for children and adolescents within the home and school setting, or at a location suitable for my clients. 0412025128
Meagan Groenewald psychologist preschool,primary,secondary 3 months home_visit 13 Whistling Drive Alkimos 0490254226
Nicola Albrecht psychologist preschool,primary,secondary Approx. 4-6 weeks as at March 2024 clinic,telehealth Unit 4, 64 Marina Boulevard Ocean Reef WA 6027 0480360080
Trish Kennedy psychologist preschool,primary,secondary 3-6 months feb 2023 clinic,telehealth,rural Kidd clinic 6 norfolk street fremantle
Margot Willox psychologist preschool,primary,secondary 2-3 weeks (updated March 2023) clinic,home_visit,telehealth Suite 14 44 Kings Park Road WEST PERTH WA 0410222771
Sapna Jessy paediatrician preschool,primary,secondary CDC early childhood ASD 6-8 months School age 18 months to 2 years Private rooms 6 months clinic,telehealth 1. Bentley CDC, Cnr of Treasure Road and Andrea way, Queens Park WA 6107 2. Happy Child Paediatrics, 30 Mc Nabb Loop, Como WA 6152 0864005410
Carole Caccetta paediatrician preschool,primary clinic Perth Developmental Paediatrics 321 Walcott Street Coolbinia WA 6050 0892421425
Hannah Sljivic occupational_therapist preschool,primary,secondary Approx 4-6 weeks clinic 8 Gibney Street, Cottesloe WA 6011 64961044

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WAADF Inc membership is open to all individuals who support the organization’s educational and scientific goals however not all WAADF members provide ASD assessment services. Membership of WAADF is renewed annually and is determined by self-declaration of the proposed member’s skills and professional affiliations and relies on the proposed member’s factual declaration of this information. WAADF does not have the resources to independently verify this information.
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