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First name Last name Profession Providing Assessments For Wait Times                                                       Provides Assessments At * Address                                                       Email Telephone Website
Nicola Albrecht psychologist preschool,primary,secondary 2-3 months wait for assessment as at December 2021 (new practice) clinic,home_visit,telehealth Unit 4, 64 Marina Boulevard Ocean Reef WA 6027 0480360080
Katie Astley psychologist preschool,primary,secondary,adult clinic Lawson Clinical Psychology 36 St Quentin Ave, Claremont, Perth, 6008, WA or 34 Coghlan Road Subiaco WA 6008 0861434499
Denise Bain speech_pathologist preschool,primary Denise Bain Speech Pathologist 6 Overton Vista, Success WA 6164 I have a mobile provider number and provide home visits 0414943708
Lynda Becker speech_pathologist preschool,primary,secondary clinic,telehealth 42 Maybach Way Dianella 6059 0418418953
Bernadette Benson psychologist preschool,primary,secondary Kaleidoscope Psychological Services PO Box 510 Bright VIC 3741 0450630486
Carole Caccetta paediatrician preschool,primary clinic Perth Developmental Paediatrics 321 Walcott Street Coolbinia WA 6050 0892421425
Nikki Campbell speech_pathologist preschool,primary,secondary clinic,home_visit,telehealth 36 Dodd Street, Wembley WA 6014 0447159873
Angela Carroll psychologist primary,secondary,adult clinic,telehealth Suite 3, 10 McCourt Street West Leederville WA 6007 0466123930
Rochelle Castine-Weber psychologist preschool,primary,secondary,adult 94433709
Emina Cholich psychologist preschool,primary,secondary,adult clinic,home_visit,telehealth 0424447485
Tania Dawson psychologist preschool,primary,secondary,adult clinic,home_visit,telehealth ISADD Intervention Services for Autism and Developmental Delay The Garden Office Park 355 Scarborough Beach Road Osborne Park 6017 92276888
Sabrina de Beer speech_pathologist preschool,primary,secondary home_visit,telehealth My work address is PO Box 3587 East Perth WA 6892 I see clients statewide in the community - whether this be their home, childcare or school 0414739565
Simone Dempster speech_pathologist preschool,primary,secondary Perth Psychological Services 481 Fitzgerald St, North Perth, 6006 & Splice Therapy 26 Brook Rd, Darlington, 6070 0408916799
Meagan Groenewald psychologist preschool,primary,secondary I currently have no waitlist as have just moved to Western Australia from Melbourne entered 09/10/2021 clinic 13 Whistling Drive Alkimos 0490254226
Jasmine Holmes speech_pathologist preschool,primary,secondary 0438849488
Katrina Kelso speech_pathologist primary,secondary clinic Suite 33 Crossways Shopping Centre 184 Rokeby Road Subiaco 6008 93880461
Miriam Kirby psychologist preschool,primary,secondary,adult clinic Dr Miriam Kirby Clinical Psychologist 15/41 Catalano Circuit Canning Vale 6155 0407156126
Suzanne Midford psychologist preschool,primary,secondary,adult clinic,home_visit,telehealth 481 Fitzgerald Street, North Perth, WA, 6006 0894433709
Larni Mullan psychologist preschool,primary clinic,home_visit,telehealth 355 Scarborough Beach Rd, Osborne Park WA 6017 0892276888
Mimma Nikoloski psychologist preschool,primary,secondary,adult clinic The Acumen Centre, U1 / 48 Kishorn Road, APPLECROSS WA 6153. 0411464064
Linda Orton speech_pathologist preschool,primary Currently 4 months for combined SP and CP Ax 6 weeks for SP only clinic,home_visit 15 Kari Place Duncraig 406206045
Karen Seymour psychologist preschool,primary,secondary clinic,home_visit Psychological and Counselling Services karen Lee Seymour 20 The Lane Churchlands 6018 0431981715
Gail Simcock psychologist preschool,primary,secondary,adult clinic,home_visit 0409637779
Naomi Ward psychologist preschool,primary,secondary clinic,home_visit,telehealth Child Wellbeing Centre, 61 Morrison Road, Midland, WA 6056 0892747062

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WAADF Inc membership is open to all individuals who support the organization’s educational and scientific goals however not all WAADF members provide ASD assessment services. Membership of WAADF is renewed annually and is determined by self-declaration of the proposed member’s skills and professional affiliations and relies on the proposed member’s factual declaration of this information. WAADF does not have the resources to independently verify this information.
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This list is provided for informational and personal use only for the general public. It is intended to meet the frequent direct requests received by WAADF from members of the public who are seeking ASD assessment and diagnostic service providers in Western Australia. WAADF maintains the right to make changes to the WAADF Members Assessors List at any time without notice or explanation and to delete the list entirely from this website, or impose limitations on access to the content, as it deems fit.